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Equivocation Due to Separateness
of Meaning and Form

The Universal World of Life and the Relative Cosmic Worlds of Life

The knowledge of the separation of an universal world of life from relative fields of life, the experience of a divergence of the unlimited life-field of the harmony and the individual, social and physical developments, resulted in a twofold, completely different interpretation of the world.

The Way to Knowledge through the Relative Worlds of Life

In the course of our relative process of gaining knowledge we as learners systematically fathomed the world of phenomena for the truth which, we thought, was hidden in it.
Thoroughly convinced and in all earnestness we went the path of gaining real knowledge.

And indeed, we discovered more and more comprehensive truths.

Starting from the musical sound-space, we passed step by step through the musical force-fields, which we perceived as real; and through the motif world and the sequence world we advanced to the world of the harmony.

The Scientific Method of Gaining Knowledge

To us learners, this musical path of knowledge was our own reality of the systematical process of gaining knowledge, and every single insight into the musical meaning revealed to us new and very real formative forces of structural change that existed in the more subtle, more energetic fields of musical forces.

The Reality of the Scientific Method of Gaining Knowledge in Music

Thus we took our relative musical process of gaining knowledge for a very real process of apprehending the musical meaning.
And never the thought would have entered our mind that this very process of musical development, so distinctly and clearly perceived by us, could be completely unreal.

Spontaneous Cognition of the Reality of Absolute Life

Now that we have reached the absolute field of knowledge of the harmony, and now that we are potential creators of worlds, our process of deduction is completely different.

Now, it would never occur to us that the perfect experience, which we make with such unbelievable alertness beyond space and time, could be considered unreal by anyone.

For, we realize very clearly: a world, more real than the one we experience now, simply does not exist.

The Inadequacy of Deducing Unlimited Life by Means of a Limited Method of Knowing

And still we must keep in mind, that we thought this comprehensive experience of the world in the field of the harmony impossible, as long as we were missing this very experience during our relative process of gaining knowledge.