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Peter Hübner
The Significance
of our Consciousness
to Medicine

Following: “The Significance of the Soul to Medicine” – lecture held by the classical composer and musicologist at the “Eleventh International Congress on Stress” of the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF STRESS in Hawaii.
Medizin Aktuell: Herr Hübner, in the past seven years you were often invited as a speaker to the annual International Congress on Stress of the American Institute of Stress, in order to talk about your thoughts on health, on your Medical Resonance Therapy Music® and the research and developments in your Micro Music Laboratories.

As far as I know, you have accepted these invitations three times, and we have already reported on this.
The last time you spoke again in Hawaii at the “Eleventh International Congress on Stress” of the American Institute of Stress about your research work and development of the Microcosm of Music and about the insights for the field of medicine connected with this – mainly, however, you gave a sensational lecture on the Significance of the Soul in Medicine, and you spoke about health in such a way as had never been heard previously in modern scientific medicine.

The other international select speakers, as well as the visitors to the congress were deeply impressed by your exceptional thoughts on health and disease, and I have heard people say that this apparently was the most sensational lecture of the whole international congress.
How did this talk come about?

Peter Hübner: Originally, I only intended to talk about Medical Resonance Therapy Music® – about our research work into the Microcosm of Music, about new developments, and about new scientific study results.
My talk was not scheduled to take place until the Thursday – i.e. approximately the middle of the week or even towards the end of the congress.

But when I heard the other scientific experts from the fields of medicine, psychology, sociology, biology, physics, research into consciousness and religion talking, I experienced a totally new kind of distinct spiritual atmosphere at the international congress in Hawaii organised by Prof Rosch, where top-flight scientists from many parts of the world were worried in earnest about the future of life and the quality of life on earth, and were making serious efforts to find solutions, as well as trying to understand the overall situation from a scientific point of view.

I did not wish to disturb this decidedly honest, well-meaning atmosphere with my rather profane talk on Medical Resonance Therapy Music®. And I therefore wished to give a talk, which was appropriate for this special event of a, in my opinion, significant medical conference on life and its natural qualities.

During this conference – in contrast to all the previous conferences and almost contrary to everything, I had experienced at other similar scientific conferences – a change in trend towards an entirely new time of assessment of what today is called health, medicine, biology, physics, education, sociology, psychology, consciousness and religion was revealed to me under the impression of these deeply earnest people gathered to seek realisation of a higher quality of life.

And as fate sometimes decides, on the day of my talk I wake up early in the morning at 3.30 and had been presented with the new lecture.
I sat down at once, and wrote down the main points. Well – and then I gave my talk.

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