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The Relationship of Rhythm and Tonality

Rhythm in Music

In the musical sound-space, time is expressed through the rhythm, and space through the tonality. In classical composition, tonality and rhythm merge so intimately that one can hardly identify them individually.

When, from within, time guides the rhythm from infinity to infinity, while space guides the tonality from unboundedness to unboundedness, harmony emerges in its perfect form.

“We composers are projectors
of the infinite, unbounded
into the finite, bounded. ”

Edvard Grieg

Rhythmical and Tonal Unfoldment of the Infinite Harmony

As mentioned earlier, harmony unfolds itself in a twofold manner: in space and in time.
The universal diversity contained in the harmony appears as the richness of the musical event and reveals itself in space and time.

Unlimited Rhythmical Multiplicity and Infinite Tonality

The universality of classical music creation lies hidden in the interplay of the unboundedness of space with the infinity of time – in their integration, in that state where space and time are merged with each other, where the outer musical form, governed by space and time, is transformed before us listeners into the inner beauty of music, into the infinite diversity at the basis of space and time.

The Almighty Key to Music

Understanding this fact is the key to the conscious realization of the genuine musical truth, of the reality of infinite multiplicity of life in immortality – beyond space and time on the level of unity.

Here lies the key to becoming aware of the abstract, manifold basis of even that music which sounds in the concert halls.