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Space-Time Integration in Music

The Technology of Space-Time Fusion

This fusion of space and time does not mean that our opposing human qualities and their expressions in the musical sound-space merge. The musical means for stimulating the space-awareness remain significant on the level of our mind, but now we recognize them, from the common basis of space and time in the infinite, as the diversity of our own inner self-consciousness.

Weightlessness in the Musical Presentation

To understand how classical music may stimulate the awareness of space and time in an alert listener, we think of the fearless user of a swing-boat: high up, just before he turns over at the peak, he reaches a point where he is standing still, a moment of weightlessness, in which he forgets the world, and only one question is left: “Forward or backward?” At this moment all problems are forgotten.

The Abeyance of the Musical Space-Time Permeation

In such an abeyance, the spaces, as experienced by our understanding, permeate the spaces as revealed to us by our feeling, and the longer we maintain the state of mutual permeation of feeling and understanding, the stronger is our experience of enlivened silence.

Integrated Control Over the Musical Force-Fields

This permeation of feeling and understanding in the space-time relationship, to the complete integration of feeling and understanding of the listener, can only be achieved if the musician masters the entire field of music in an integrated manner.

Space-Time Fusion in the Musical Sound-Space

Outwardly, the achievement lies particularly in the mastery of the overwave-mechanics – the level of the musical sound-space.

Space-Time Fusion in the Motif-Space

On a level superior to the sound-space, in the motif-space, which determines the musical sound-space from within, our experience of the fusion of space and time is even more profound when, through the inner power of the sequence-technique, diverging motifs turn around and return to each other.

Space-Time Fusion in the Melody-Space

On a level superior to the motif-space, in the melody-space, the fusion of space and time within our awareness is achieved even more effectively when a motif unexpectedly changes and, as if in disguise, suddenly appears from behind the curtain of the musical stage and realizes the principles of the melody-technique.

Space-Time Fusion in the Sequence-Space

On a level superior to the melody-space, on the level of the sequence-spaces, the experience of weightlessness is produced even more powerfully when a sequence, with all its parameters balanced, transforms into another sequence.

Space-Time Fusion in the Infinity of Harmony

On the highest level of musical creativity weightlessness is achieved in our awareness when a sound, a motif, a melody, or a sequence identifies with the harmony, recognizes its original home, remains there for a moment, and then, strengthened, continues its creative journey through the world of music.