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The Concept of Space in Music

The Sound-Space

Hardly a word is used with so many meanings on so many different levels as the word “space.” People’s fantasy has given this word manifold meaning from a simple “room” to the universe, and the musical sound-space, too, is just one of the many “spaces” in man’s imagination.

Variation of the Mental Space of Imagination

The awareness of space arises from the relative awareness of differences – from duality to diversity, or separateness – the distance between two or more things.

On the level of sensory experience the feeling of space requires an affirmation of separateness through sensory perception.

In this process a dynamic change of the spatial world must take place in time; indeed, our relative awareness of space actually originates and grows only with a change of the mental space of our imagination.

The Inner World of the Musical Sound-Space

Under the outer hull of the sound-space the musical parameters move as if in different layers.

The Inner Field of Life of the Musical Sound-Space

The material of the musical sound-space can be compared to our material body, while the motif-space can be compared to our subtle body, or our individuality respectively.

The motif-space enlivens the musical sound-space from within, it structures it and holds it together.

The Mind of the Musical Motif Space and-or Sound-Space

In this term, the sequence-space may be understood as our mind which, from within, from a state of even greater subtlety, enlivens, structures, and integrates our subtle body, which corresponds to the motif-spaces.

The Secret Soul of the Musical Sequence-Space, and of the Motif-Space and Sound-Space respectively.

The infinite harmony-space may be compared to that basis of our mind which, from within, from the state of greatest subtlety, enlivens, structures and integrates the mind, which in turn corresponds to the sequence-spaces.