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Superficial Deduction

Analyzing the Tone Structure

The relative process of knowing, we find, is a systematic scanning of the mind’s surface, an analysis of the outer shape of thinking.

Gradual Transformation of the Form into the Meaning

This superficial deduction leads us systematically from the form to the meaning.
This means that here, during the relative process of gaining knowledge, the form is systematically transformed into the meaning.

Refining the Surface Structure of Thinking

Superficial deduction, or the deduction on the level of the surface-structures of the mind respectively, therefore is to us the appropriate technique to gain relative knowledge, and leads us from the surface-structures to the depths of our thinking, in that it allows us to systematically refine the surface-structure of our thinking until it has reached such a degree of subtlety that it belongs structurally to the world of lifely individuality, and is identified by us as motif form.

Refining the Surface in Order to Gather the Meaning

This process of systematically refining the surface-structure in the musical fields of cognition we now understand as the extraction of the musical sense, and it is based practically on a refinement of the organs of cognition within us listeners.

Here, in our organs of cognition, the course of music sets increasingly more energy free, which then brings about the process of refining the organs of cognition.