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Equivocation through Deducing
the Meaning from the Form

The Path of Cognition to the Source of Life

As the music turns our attention towards fields of more and more subtle order of the musical representation of truth, and presents the subtler pictures of truth more and more clearly to us in the course of the music, we transcend with our entire experiencing, feeling and understanding the phenomena of nature that are displayed structurally in the musical work, and we finally reach the place from where the nature of our thinking, of our feeling, and of our evolution originates.

This is the very place where music originates, too – where life originates.

The Force-Field of the Absolute Sound-Substance

Once we have arrived there, we have reached the natural standpoint of a creative person.
Our thinking has adopted the structure of the absolute sound-substance, and our mind sways with the perfect, absolute, fundamental vibration of nature, of its own inner nature, and of all outer nature.

The Way to Universal Creative Power

We bring about the full enlivenment of our feeling and understanding, and their coordination, through our perception of the perfect fundamental vibration of the absolute sound-substance, that cosmic force from which obviously every great creative person creates.

Generalization as a Path of Cognition

As we cognized laws of increasingly higher order, increasingly more comprehensive truths, and increasingly more powerful musical formative forces, we rushed through stages of more and more comprehensive generalization in our relative process of gaining knowledge.

We oriented ourselves predominantly by the form, and searched from there for an alleged meaning.

Generalization in the Cosmic Fields of Life

Within the structure of the musical sound-space as the form for representing the neurophysiological processes, we eventually perceived the motif worlds, or the worlds of individuality, as its content.

Later, within the musical form of the motif worlds, or the worlds of individuality, we discovered the even more subtle force-fields of the social worlds: of the sequences as their musical content.

And finally, within the sequence structures as the form, we discovered the harmony as its content.

The Creative Process of Generalization

Eventually, this technique of systematic generalization in our musical process of gaining knowledge brought us safely into life’s unlimited world of the harmony.

In the musical work, this technique of generalization had been marked out by the composer in a very discreet manner for us listeners, and it made up the actual charm of his music – without ourselves being aware of it originally.

The Safe Path towards Truth

So, during the process of our gaining knowledge in music, the technique of generalization turned out to be the sure path towards truth.

For the process of cognition was based on a separation of content and form.

Form and content always revealed themselves one after the other – separate from each other in space and time.

Thus we perceived the relative musical force-fields as the form of music, and the field of the harmony as its content.

For us cognizers of music this results in a twofold interpretation of music, and of life respectively.