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The Dual Musical Truth

Cognition of the One Who is Learning and of the One Who is Teaching

In the course of these experiences – during our relative process of gaining knowledge, and during our free process of creation – each time a completely different truth discloses to us.

Lack of the Absolute Sound-substance in the Organs of Cognition

If the experience of the absolute sound-substance is lacking in our organs of cognition, then we necessarily deduce only the extremely limited shadow images of the reality and we even consider these shadow images to be the whole reality.

Knowing the Eternal Reality of Absolute Life

If, however, we perceive the perfect fundamental vibration of the absolute sound-substance clearly in our organs of cognition, then suddenly, by virtue of this perception, a completely different insight reveals itself to us.

As if with seven-league boots we now enter the absolute force-field of the harmony without any obstacles, and perceive there an infinite, unlimited flow of life beyond space and time.

And we realize that this almighty force-field of the harmony is the one and only eternal reality of the real world affairs in its supreme perfection.

Then we must admit that, in comparison, the outer relative world affairs are but a mere shadow, a reflection hardly visible.

Cognition of Meaning and Form

This ambiguity of our cognitive valuation of life is therefore based on a non-experience, or on an experience of the perfect fundamental vibration of the absolute sound-substance in our organs of cognition.
And whereas, in the process of music, we perceive only the form of the music as it were, we comprehend on the absolute musical level of the harmony the content of all music: the content of all life and the world.

While the form of the world develops in space and time, its content: life remains dynamic and in an infinite flow of unlimited diversity within its original realm of the harmony.