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No Deduction in the Absolute Musical Force-Field
of the Harmony

Once we have reached the absolute force-field of the harmony we realize that relative deduction is not possible there, because neither space nor time, which are both required for deduction, exist there, although there is a permanent flow of unlimited diversity – beyond space and time, however.

The Total Musical Experience Within and Beyond a
Single Thought

Here, in the absolute musical world of the harmony, no train of thought exists in which to draw conclusions, like from one state to another; for the total musical world of the harmony is, as we find, included in its entirety within even one single thought, but just as well also beyond a thought.

Beyond the Principles of Relative Deduction in Music

How could we possibly conclude there from one insight to another, separate insight? In pure self-awareness, a flow of time required for any conclusion does simply not exist there.

In this newly discovered, perfect world of the harmony the old principles of relative deduction are not applicable – and we do not miss them, too, because now the complete knowledge of music is the total experience for us.

Relative Musical Deduction as a Limited Process of Knowing

Seen from the infinite musical force-field of the harmony, concluding from one thing to another turns out to be a very restricted process of knowing for us – associated with correspondingly very little experience – and such limited logic would virtually throw us out into the dull world of relative musical creation.

Now, that we make the experience of the absolute musical world of the harmony, any deduction or conclusion – done in space and time – is extremely restricting to us, does not meet the reality and totality of our musical knowledge and experience, and is therefore a fallacy to us.