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Feeling and Understanding
in the World of the Harmony

The Feeling Reaches its Original Home

In the cognitive process in music the feeling floated into higher and higher fields of insight, and it proceeded by wish and by will towards unity. And when it finally reached the supreme musical world of the harmony, the feeling immediately recognized its original home which the unity in selfawareness indeed is.

Opposite Tendencies of the Two Musical Forces of Knowing Even in the Harmony

Even on the level of the harmony, feeling and understanding, the two forces of knowing, are still divergent by their very nature; more so, through the all-nourishing qualities of our selfawareness these two tools of cognition are infinitely strengthened in this perfect musical force-field so that only now they can truly live their respective character in its full value.
Thus, in this absolute musical force-field, feeling and understanding diverge with utmost strength – away from each other, as it were.

The Absolute Tone-Substance Harmonizes Feeling and Understanding

The level of the harmony is also the field of the absolute tone-substance – the field of the inner breath of music, of our innermost cosmic breath of life; and by cognizing the harmony, our experience of the absolute sound-substance has reached its supreme, its perfect value.

The forces of the absolute sound-substance, which vibrate almightily in the depth of our mind, move in an even higher order than did the forces of feeling and understanding, and for this reason they turn out to be stronger than those.

So, by virtue of the laws of a higher order, the absolute sound-substance is able to keep feeling and understanding united on the level of the harmony, because it permeates and unites these forces, striving apart with a fervent will of life, with the qualities of the harmony.

Unity of Feeling and Understanding

This unification of our forces of feeling and understanding, so completely divergent by their very nature, brings about a true union, a genuine connection between these forces. This results in the playfulness of a debate which is held with utmost lucidity by feeling and understanding.

The Dispute of Feeling and Understanding beyond
Space and Time

Hence, the term “debate” here refers not so much to those unpleasant consequences which inevitably arise in the field of incomplete knowledge of truth when opinions diverge.
As explained above, such divergence was integrated so skilfully through the unifying effect of the absolute sound-substance, that now, within the absolute sphere of the harmony – beyond space and time – the diverging and the converging of feeling and understanding have become a unity themselves.