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The Process of
Intellectual Clarification in Music

The Experience of the Singing Streams of Nourishment of the Harmony

But when the understanding came into contact with the unlimited fields of energy and intelligence of the pure self-awareness in the realm of the harmony, it absorbed its all-nourishing qualities – and made the experience of being infused with the singing streams of nourishment of the harmony.

The Understanding in the Intelligence Fields of the Harmony

Through this perfect nourishment the understanding was almightily strengthened in the energy fields of pure self-awareness,
and thus was able to raise its analytic performance to infinity.

In the pure intelligence fields it therefore rose to perfect alertness and became extremely sensitive, and thus was suddenly able to perceive an infinite diversity within the unity of the harmony.

Totally Fathoming the Diversity of Music

Through the almighty strength, which it gained in the energy-fields of pure self-awareness, the understanding was now able to pursue its very natural tendencies in a most perfect manner in the field of the harmony; now it was able to fully fathom the infinite diversity inherent in the harmony, and to fully live it.