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The Understanding Without
the Perfect Nourishment
of Pure Self-Awareness

Unclear Perception of the Musical Tone-Space in the Motif-Space

In the relative waking state of consciousness our understanding was not yet able to draw the fullness of nourishment from the pure energy field of the harmony – this resulted in a lack of sensitivity of this musical tool of cognition, and therefore the understanding was not able to make out a clear picture of the musical sound-space within the motif-space.

The Difficulty of Perceiving Musical Diversity in the Sequence-Spaces

Perceiving the musical diversity in the sequence-space even turned out to be incomparably more difficult for our understanding.

Because here the understanding was forced to first of all find the motifs invisible in these spaces.

However, this would have been possible only if the understanding had succeeded in observing with the subtle, highly sensitive, cognizant eyes of the sequences the world of the sequence.
Instead, the understanding constantly looked only into the grosser worlds of the musical sound-space.

Wrong Expectations of the Understanding Due to
Lack of Sensitivity

So, due to the experiences in its process of knowing so far, the understanding was prepared of missing, at least in its direct surroundings, diversity more and more on its further musical path of knowledge.