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The Nourishing Flood
of Pure Alertness in the Harmony

Identification of the Understanding with the
Outer Objects of Knowledge

The feeling takes advantage of these positive considerations of the understanding and further drags the understanding along with it into the world of perfect musical unity – the world of the harmony.
And in this moment something strange happens: completely unexpectedly, the understanding is suddenly permeated by a nourishing flood of pure alertness, and before its cognizant eyes the sequences, the motifs, and even the stars of the tones come closer and closer and finally slip into it, so that it can no longer distinguish whether they move without or within it.

Joyful Musical Exchange of Experience between
Feeling and Understanding

And here its eyes of cognition shine. And the understanding tells the feeling of its joyful experiences of diversity, and our feeling speaks of its own joyful experiences of unity.

Embodiment of the Principles of the Harmony

In this mutual exchange of experiences our understanding and our feeling together embody the principles of the harmony: while our understanding now experiences the diversity of all music, our feeling comprehends the unity of this absolute musical world.

Feeling and understanding are held together in a perfectly harmonious manner by the cosmic wind of the absolute tone-substance; it unifies and permeates them both, and stimulates them to sway in the cosmic dance of the perfect musical experience.

Such is the nature of musical discussion.