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Streams of Energy and Intelligence in the Process of Gaining Universal Knowledge

The Radiance of the Musical Net of Knowledge

It is the nature of this process of gaining universal knowledge that it employs the very process of refining and condensing our tools of cognition, and organs of cognition respectively, as a means of gaining knowledge, i. e. it ties the meshes of the net of cognition tighter and tighter so that now, furnished with an ever tighter, ever brighter, ever more golden net of knowledge, it draws insights of a higher and higher order from the ocean of music.

The Threefold Development of Gaining
Universal Knowledge

So, the process of gaining universal knowledge is not only a development of the process of cognizing truth in general, but it is first of all an educational system to systematically refine the organs of gaining knowledge, and thirdly a practical exercise to skilfully handle our inner forces of cognition.